Kathryn Shipley is a force to be reckoned with since she became a recording artist in 2017.  Having raised her children in her home state of Missouri and forged a professional career outside of the music industry she epitomizes brave.  Her bravery is harnessed by her devotion and her relationship with her faith.  "Kship" as she is known to her friends and fans crosses multiple genres with her vocal prowess including country music where she has amassed a great fan following. Her songs are no doubt flavored with country but her lyrics on her new single "Your Love Is Enough" releasing on June 5th, 2020 is a Christian Contemporary song. 


KShip is a true artist as she creates from her heart and navigates back and forth between the country music and christian contemporary genres.  With many notable awards under her belt since 2017 she is one of the fastest growing indie artists in the country and christian genre.  


**Music Video of the Year 2020 (Female) / The Josie Music Awards /

Dollywood - "This Will Always Be My Town" 

**Christian/Gospel Song of the Year 2020 / The Josie Music Awards/

Dollywood / "Your Love Is Enough"


**Indie Collaborative - Chapter Governor - 2019- present



**Artist of the Year 2019- Gospel/Inspirational / The Josie Music Awards / Dollywood 


**AMG Heritage Music Awards (North Carolina) Nominee/Finalist - 2019


**Finalist Top Ten - St. Louis Sound Competition - St. Louis, MO - 2019

**Christian Artist of the Year (Finalist)- Nashville Universe Awards - May 
2018 - Nashville, Tennessee 

**Song of the Year 2018 - Modern Country (female artist) /The Josie Music
Awards-Dollywood "God Gave Me All I Need"*

**Artist of the Year 2017 – Gospel/ Country Gospel / The Josie Music Awards -Nashville,

**Global Music Awards Winner- 2017-2018-2019 (Silver Medalist) Christian and Modern Country

Inspirational Country Music Association (ICM)

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