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2023 Recording Academy GRAMMY® Awards

The biggest change in my life I thought was raising my now 3 year old granddaughter, at 58 years old. But in February the battle changed to Stage 3a Colon Cancer. The world paused for me for a brief moment, but I knew that God was in control of this not me. Music has always been a healer for me. Keep Your Eyes on Me, definitely has been a part of my heart beat since it’s release in January of 2023. The Amazing powerful, heartfelt lyrics was something that I kept hitting repeat on, when I received the demo track first pitched to me. The world is full of never-ending distractions. We never run out of things to look at, and millions of things are competing for our attention every moment of every day So, if we Keep our Eyes on “Him”, the journey becomes easier, the path become less difficult to walk on. The opening Lyrics stay true to my heart as a person and as a lover of music:


When I think I can’t go much further

When I think my feet can’t walk no(any) more

I’m lost and I’m broken

Not quite sure where I’m goin’

As light as a whisper

Your voice in the distance telling me

Keep Your Eyes On Me….


Take a moment to listen, and I thank you for your Consideration for the 66th Annual RECORDING ®Academy, Grammy Awards®

Kathryn Shipley aka KShip

Meet The Songwriters

James Kocian Songwriter.jpeg

James Kocian

Patrick Dodge Songwriter.jpeg

Patrick Dodge

Keesey Timmer Songwriter.jpeg

Keesey Timmer

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